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If you want to help develop JISO, we need the following:

2 or 3 Java Programmers who are adept at Java (can write programs from scratch, good at problem solving, and can be self-directed. Also, you have to be able to work with 1-3 other programmers)

2 to 5 Graphic Designers. If you can make Sprites and or tiles for an Isometric game, please help us out, we need graphics more than anything else. (Being good at Photoshop/Illustrator is a plus. Being able to make sprites in a program like 3DS Max or DAZ would be amazing)

We also need people to make maps to release with the game engine. (JISO has a built in map editor).

It isn't required, but if you can write some music to be released with the engine, that would be pretty sweet (It doesn't have to be too complex, it just has to sound good :) ).

And finally, we need people who can test the program for us at the various stages.

If you don't have any of the above skills, but still think you can add to the project, let me know! I'm always willing to get a few more people working on something like this =).

Click here to send a request to join. If you are a programmer or a graphic artist, it would be nice if you could include an example of your work, but you don't have to =).

*Note* If the above link does not work, you can email me (Neil) directly at Once the project gets going, I will make an official email account for JISO.