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Release Information

Eventually, release information is going to go here (hence the page name, "Release Information" ;) ). However, there isn't really anything to put in here right now... Once things start to pick up, we'll document all of our releases here.

Map Editor v0.2 - The second release of the Map Editor comes as an almost complete re-write. I have been notified that the source code for v0.1 and v0.2 are not compatible. I should have made a note of that in the readme, sorry, I'm still kind of new to the whole, "I can post my programs on the internet" thing, so please, bear with me. I will try to keep the updated versions compatible with the older releases, but there are no promises. Some of what I have planned will require new methods in the Map, and MapTile classes. For the next version, (and maybe this one if I have time), the classes will have a full description and versioning information at the top. Sorry about the mix up! ~Neil Sept.2, 2009